How to Begin Healing

"The best way out is always through." - Robert Frost

Healing is a process that can begin in small ways at the earliest stages of grief and loss. You can take active and positive steps toward your own healing. Though sometimes these steps can be difficult, they help us to better understand and face our grief. Acknowledging your loss and your reactions to it is a big step toward healing, as is honoring your loved one through a memorial or some kind of ceremony -- even if it is a ceremony just for yourself. 

Find other ways in your daily life to remember your loved one, being as gentle with yourself as possible but also maintaining a connection to those memories. This might be through placing photographs around, connecting with shared friends, eating a food enjoyed by your loved one, or placing a small item belonging to him or her in a spot where you'll see it each day. These small tokens can help us to remember positive times.

Begin to accept the ways in which the absence of your loved one will leave gaps in your life-family traditions that will be different, daily routines that will shift. In time, new patterns will emerge. Finally, know that your love for this person does not have to end; love continues over time and space and extends beyond death.


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